March 2022: List of Important Days & Events with themes

 March 2022: List of Important Days & Events with themes

This article has information regarding all the national and international days of March 2022, which will be useful for all the competitive exams.  This article will be daily updated for the students of govt. exams, banking exams, or any other one-day exams and will also be helpful for UPSC & State PSC aspirants. We will also provide pdfs for all the material for free. 

March 2022: List of Important Days & Events with themes

1. 1st March    -  Zero Discrimination Day

             Purpose         -  To inspire people to live with dignity, regardless of age, gender,                                              ethnicity, skin colour, height, weight, etc.

          Theme 2022     -  "Remove Laws that harm, create laws that empower".

2. 1st March     -  World Civil Defence Day

             Purpose         -  To pay tribute to the efforts of national services responsible for the                                          fight against disasters.

                                      International Civil Defence Organisation started celebrating this 

                                      day from 1990.

           Theme 2022    -  "Uniting the world's leading industry specialist for the safety and                                             security of future generations".

3. 1st March - March 8 - International Women's Day Week 

4. 1st March - March 7 - Janaushadhi Diwas Week

                    Theme 2022              - "Jan Aushadhi- Jan Upyogi"

5. 3rd March   -  World Wildlife Day

              Purpose       -  To raise awareness & celebrate the world's wild animals and plants.

           Theme 2022   -  "Recovering Key Species for ecosystem restoration".

6. 3rd March   - World Hearing Day

              Purpose       - To raise awareness about how to prevent deafness and hearing loss                                          and promote hearing care across the world.

          Theme 2022    -  "To hear for life, listen with care"

7. 4th March    - National Safety Day

               Purpose       -  The first National Safety Dam campaign was launched in 1972 and                                         has been held annually.

                                       This is 51st NSD.

                                       The purpose is to raise public awareness of all safety principles                                                including road safety, work place safety, human health safety, &                                              environmental safety.

           Theme 2022    - "Nurture Young Minds"

8. 4h March     - World Obesity Day

           Celebrated by  - World Obesity Federation, an NGO in official relations with WHO.

           Purpose           - To improve the world's understanding, prevention, and treatment of                                          obesity.

            Theme 2022       - 'Everybody needs to act'

9. 8th March    -  International Women's Day

                Purpose       - To achieve the social, economic, cultural, & political achievements                                         of women.

                                      The purple colour symbolizes women internationally.

            Theme 2022   - 'Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow'.

10. 9th March  - No Smoking Day

                                      This day is celebrated every year on the 2nd Wednesday of March.                                          This time 2nd Wednesday of March 2022 falls on 9th March 2022.

                 Purpose     - To raise awareness about the negative health effects of tobacco via                                          smoking.

                                      To encourage people all over the world to quit smoking.

          Theme 2022     - ' Don't take stress to quit smoking'

11. 10th March   - CISF Raising Day

                  Purpose     - The Central Industrial Security Force was set up on 10th March                                              1969, with the Act of Parliament.

                                       It works under the Ministry of Home Affairs and works for                                                     seaways, airways, and some of the major installations in India.

              Headquarter  -  Delhi, India


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