• What is White Fungus? 

  1. White fungus is also known as Candidiasis infection.
  2.  It is a fungal infection which is caused by a yeast called Candida. It is similar to black fungus but according to scientists, it is more dangerous than black fungus.
  3. If not treated on time then it can be proved fatal.

  • Why in News?

  1. As the country is already coping with the rage of 2nd wave of SARS COV-2 and  Mucormycosys/Black Fungus, a new disease has hit the country and it is known as White Fungus or Candidiasis. 
  2. Recently, 4 cases of white fungus have been reported in Patna, Bihar. 
  3. These 4 patients had covid symptoms but they did not test positive and later on, it was found out that they were having white fungus. 
  4. However, they are diagnosed  & recovered from the disease.

  • Why is it Dangerous?

  1. The reason why it can be dangerous than black fungus is that it shows similar symptoms as of Covid-19 which becomes difficult to trace the infection at an early stage.
  2. It infects kidneys, lungs, brain, skin, stomach, private parts, mouth, nails, etc.
  3. It should not reach the blood otherwise can be very dangerous.

  • Symptoms-:

These are some common symptoms of white fungus -
  1. Fever
  2. Fatigue
  3. Pain in muscles
  4. Headache
  5. Stomach ache

  • Causes -:

White fungus causes the same way as the black fungus does. 
Candida normally lives on the skin or inside the body for example- mouth, throat, gut & vagina.
It normally causes no harm to a person but when immunity becomes low to fight this fungus it can spread rapidly in the body.
People who are already suffering from any disease & has low immunity are more prone to it.
People who are diabetic, cancer patients & blood pressure patients are highly vulnerable to it.

  • Types of Candidiasis-:

1. Oral Candida infection 
2. Skin Candida Infection
3. Genital Candida Infection

  • Precautions-:

  1. Precautions are also similar to that of Black fungus in which if the patient is on ventilator then the tube has to be cleaned properly and sanitized. 
  2. Humidity levels in hospitals should be reduced.
  3. People should stay away from polluted environment.
  4. Proper and healthy diet.
  5. Stop eating junk food.
  6. Hygiene maintenance.

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