Goliath Frog, the Largest frog in the world


Goliath Frog,  the Largest frog in the world

  • Scientific Name-:

          Conraua Goliath

  • Why In News-:

  1.  Recently, a giant Goliath frog was found lurking near the villages of the Soloman Islands, a country in the Oceania region. The news is unexpected because the species is mainly found in the rainforest of Central Africa, specifically within the Southwestern part of  Cameroon & north of  Equatorial Guinea.
  2. Last year it was in news, because of its declining population. Nearly, 50 % of its population dropped in 15 years driving them into the brink of extinction. So the sight of this amphibian at a far-off place in the Soloman Islands can be positive news for us.

  • Features-:

  1. It is also known as Goliath Bullfrog or Giant Slippery frog.
  2. It is the largest living frog species in the world.
  3. It can grow up to 32 centimeters (13 inches) in length and can weigh up to 3.25 kg.
  4. Their eyes are 2.5 cm. wide which is larger than a human eye.
  5. It can live up to 15 years in the wild and 21 years in captivity.
  6. It is preyed on by snakes, crocodiles, Nile monitors, humans, etc.
  7. Scientists believe that it has been in the existence for around 250 million years.

  • IUCN STATUS-:  Endangered

Also. according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Global Amphibian Red List Assessment of 2008, around 1856 species of amphibians are globally threatened which makes them the most threatened species as compared to birds & mammals.


  1. Limited geographical distribution & narrow ecological requirements
  2.  Hunted by local communities for consumption & pet trade.
  3.  Are exporting to the U.S for participating in frog jumping contests. 
  4. Climate change
  5.  Deforestation
  6.  Commercial Agriculture
  7.  Habitat Loss & Encroachment
  8.  Hydroelectric Dams & etc.

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