April 2021 List of Important Days & Events

April 2021 List of Important Days & Events

April 2021 List of Important Days & Events

1.  2nd April - World Autism Awareness Day

      Purpose - To raise awareness among people about autism spectrum disorders including autism and Asperger syndrome throughout the world.

      Theme - "Inclusion in the Workplace: Challenges & opportunities in a Post- Pandemic World".

2. 4th Apri - International Day for Mine Awareness & Assistance in Mine Action.

     Purpose -  To raise awareness about landmines and progress towards their eradication.

3. 6th April -  International Day for Sports Development and Peace

   Purpose - To celebrate the power of sport to drive social change, community development & to foster peace & understanding.

4. 7th April - World Health Day

     Purpose -  To celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organisation ( WHO ) in 1948.

     Theme - "Building a fairer, healthier world".

5. 10th April - World Homeopathy Day

     Purpose - To pay tribute to Homeopathy and its contribution to the world of Medicine. Also, to mark the birth anniversary of German Physician Dr. Christian Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy.

    Theme - "Homeopathy & the Environment".

6. 13th April - Jalianwala Bagh Massacre

    Purpose -  The day is observed to pay tribute to all those innocent unarmed Indians who were fired by British troops in an open space known as the Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar. The incident took place on 13th April 1919.

7. 14th April - Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Jayanti

    Purpose - To celebrate the birth anniversary of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, the father of the Indian Constitution and civil rights activist. He was born on 14th April 1891. He struggled for equality and for rights of backward classes and therefore his birthday is celebrated as 'Equality Day' in India.

8. 14th April - National Dolphin Day

     Purpose - To raise awareness about dolphins about how they live, what they are etc.

9. 15th April - World Art Day

     Purpose - Celebration of the Fine Arts.

10. 17th April - World Haemophilia Day

      Purpose - To increase awareness about hemophilia disease and other inherited bleeding disorders. In 1989, World Haemophilia Day was started by the World Haemophilia ( WFH ) in honour of  WFH founder Frank Shcnavel's Birthday.

     Theme - "Adapting to change, sustaining care in a new world".

11. 18th April - World Heritage Day

      Purpose - To preserve the human heritage & recognize the efforts of all the relevant organisations in the field.

      Theme - "Complex Pasts: Diverse Futures".

12. 21st April - National Civil Services Day

      Purpose - To rededicate and recommit civil servants to the causes of the people.

13. 22nd April - World Earth Day

      Purpose - To mark the anniversary of the birth of the Modern Environmental Movement in 1970.

To increase awareness about the importance of the planet.

      Theme - "Together, we can restore our Earth".

14. 23rd April - World Book Day & Copyright Day

      Purpose -  To promote reading, publishing & Copyright.It is organised by the United Nations Education, Scientific & Cultural Organizations (UNESCO).

      Theme -     'Share a Story'.

15. 24th April - National Panchayati Raj Day

      Purpose - In 2010, the first National Panchayati Raj day was celebrated.

16. 25th April - World Malaria Day

      Purpose - To raise awareness about the disease malaria and how to control it and how to eradicate it.

      Theme - 'Reaching the Zero Malaria Target'.

17. 26th April - World Intellectual Property Day

      Purpose - To raise awareness of how patents, copyrights, trademarks & designs impact daily life.

      Theme - ' Taking your ideas to the market'.

18. 28th April - World Day for Safety & Health at Work

    Purpose -  To improve occupational safety, health & looks for continuing these efforts through several changes like technology, demographics, climate change, etc.

      Theme - 'Anticipate, prepare & respond to crises & invest now in resilient'.

19. 30th April - Ayushman Bharat Diwas

      Purpose -  To promote affordable medical facilities in remote areas of the country based on the socio-economic caste census database and will also promote health & wellness & provide insurance benefits to the poor.


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