October 2021 : List of Important days & Events, with Themes

 1.  1st October  -  World Vegetarian Day

      Aim              -  " To promote the joy, compassion & life-enhancing possibilities of Vegetarianism"

      History         -  The North American Vegetarian Society, in 1977, first launched a world-wide mission 

                              to  promote vegetarianism, after that it was continued by International Vegetarian 

                               Union in the year 1978. 

      Theme          -  Not decided yet.


2.  1st October   -  International Day for Older Persons

      Aim              -  To focus on the well being of older persons in the society.

      Theme          -  "Digital Equity for all Ages"


3.  1st October   -  International Coffee Day

4.  2nd October  -  International Day of Non-Violence

     Aim               -  It is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi who played an 

                              important role in India's Indepencence.

                              His one of the main principles was Non-Violence.

                              On 15 June 2007, United Nations General Assemble adopted the resolution of 

                              establishing the International Day of Non- Violence on 2nd October every year.

5.  3rd October   - German Unity Day

     Aim               -  To mark the nation's reunification.

    History           -  On 3rd October 1990, the Federal Republic of Germany & the Democratic Republic 

                              of Germany were united as single Federal Germany.

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