Dahanu Kholvad Sapota Chikoo

 Dahanu Gholvad Sapota Chikoo

Dahanu Kholvad Sapota Chikoo UPSC

Why in News?

In a bid to boost the exports of Geographical Indication (GI) Certified products, a consignment of Dahanu Gholvad Sapota Chikoo has shipped to the United Kingdom from the Palghar district of Maharashtra.

Dahanu Gholvad Sapota Chikoo-

  • It is a variety of chikoo whose GI certification is held by Maharashtra Rajya Chikoo Utpadak Sangh.
  • It is famous for its sweet and unique taste.
  • The unique sweet taste is derived from the calcium-rich soil of Gholwad village of Maharashtra.
  • The other states in which it is grown are - 

  1. Karnataka - It is the highest grower of the fruit followed by Maharashtra.
  2. Gujarat 
  3. Tamil Nadu
  4. West Bengal & Andhra Pradesh.

  • The fruit can be used in salads, desserts, and in various delicacies.

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