Q. What is Cyber Dome Project? Explain how it can be useful in controlling cyber crimes in India?

Ans.- Cyber Dome Project is initiated by the Kerala Police to prevent cybercrimes in a more advanced manner. It is a technological research & development center based in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Through the following ways it can be helpful in controlling cyber crimes in India-:

1.  It can assist the police by envisaging an online office of technical experts/ ethical hackers/ cyber professionals, who will monitor the internet platform including social media in order to look for possible cyber threats.

2.  It will collaborate with private organizations in the area of cybersecurity which can provide effective technical tools to prevent crimes.

3. It will also collaborate with banks like RBI and other banks which can tackle monetary frauds.

4. It will also promote internet ethics to students with the help of various academic and teaching institutions.

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