JUNE 2021 List of Important Days & Events


1.   1st June  -  Global Day of Parents

      Purpose      -  To appreciate all parents for their " selfless commitment to children and their          lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship ".

      Theme        - "Appreciate all parents throughout the world".

2.   1st June  -  World Milk Day

      Purpose      -  To celebrate the important contribution of dairy sector to sustainability, economic development, livelihood, and nutrition.

      Theme        - ' Sustainability in the dairy sector along with empowering the environment, nutrition, and socio-economic'.

3.  2nd June -  International Sex Workers Day

      Purpose     -  Honour Sex and recognize their exploited working conditions.

4.  4th June - International Day of Innocent children victims of aggression

     Purpose     -  To raise awareness about the children who have suffered a lot throughout the world are victims of physical, mental, & emotional abuse.

5.  5th June - World Environment Day

    Purpose      -  To encourage awareness and action for the protection of the environment.

    Theme        - " Reimagine. Recreate. Restore. ".

6. 7th June - World Food Safety Day

     Theme       - " Food Safety Everyone's Business ".

7.  8th June -  World Ocean Day

    Purpose      -    The day is celebrated to create awareness among people about the importance of     oceans in our lives and the benefits we derive from it.

                            The idea of celebrating World Ocean Day was first proposed in 1992 during the      Earth Summit in Rio De Janerio, Brazil and later on, in 2008, the UN declared 8th June as World Ocean Day.

     Theme       -    'The Ocean: Life & Livelihoods'.

8.  8th June -   World Brain Tumor Day

     Purpose       -   To raise awareness among people about brain tumor and also to honor those who  have lost their lives to it.


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